Permaculture Project Ideas - working towards regeneration and sustainability.

Goleta, California, Food Forests in Pocket Parks - Especially as budgets for maintenance and water are reduced.

Isla Vista, California, Food Forests in parks. - Enhance the Suena Orchard. Currently one layer. Aim for seven layers, dryland, lots of community involvement of design and planting.

Santa Barbara, California, Foothill Food & Fire Wall
- Wide contour band in foothills to stop wild fires, grow food, capture water, provide habitat, provide hiking trails. Do controlled-prescribed burns.  Integrate water catchment hight, swales, and hiking on contour, habitat, wildlife corridor.  Dryland.  Idea inspired by a comment by _____. commenting about growing fruit above city.

Goleta, California, Food Forest at Fairview Garden Farms - Current production is tillage-based single vertical layer, with significant exposed soil.  Aim for small demo(s) of Permaculture Food Forest, with seven layers, dryland, lots of community involvement of design and planting.

Desert land in Southern California, Different Regenerative Strategies - Buy or Lease some cheap land in desert area of Southern California. Test/Demonstrate various strategies.

Roadside Food Forest Oases - Periodic Food Forests, to show possibilities for the region.  Could integrate with public rest stops, to increase educational potential.

Article/page on Self-Watering Container Gardening. - Comparison. Aim for long time period to allow for travel of one week plus.

Article/page on Permaculture for Renters - Reference related web site.  List things a person can do now. simplifying. Learning propagation, grafting, pruning, water catchment, composting, worm bins,  Studying local watershed, plants, native culture, etc. Hunting for land lease deals, tax sales, etc.

Seed Balls for Broad-Scale Regeneration -

Happy Sustainable Examples (Regenerative)

The thing that would have the broadest positive effect just might be a good list of examples of people leading simpler lives and loving it. David Eisenberg said, “The way to subvert the dominant paradigm is to have more fun than they do and make sure they know it.” ( So who are the individuals, groups, areas, etc, leading sustainable or regenerative lives and liking it? What does Plan B or C really really look like?   Such examples would help calibrate the conversations and debates, replacing the vague sense of "making do on less", with actual examples of smiling people and real data on their resource use. If there aren't such examples, I vote that we create some soon.

Proposed Example #1

Climate Change Growing Zone Grid - Use Latitude and Longitude lines to plant diverse plants and monitor changes do to climate change. Doesn't have to really be on the lines. Can be a network of shared results from various growers. The real secret is to get people trying things that are usually out of their zone, and seeing if it starts making it, or adapting, or evolving.

Land Wanted Ad

Wanted: Lot or Land to Lease for Orchard or Food Forest

If you have some empty lot or land, and would like some extra income, possible ag tax break, and/or fruit, consider leasing your land to me.  I'd like to experiment with different approaches to sustainable orchards or "food forests" in the spirit of Permaculture.  The hope is that the orchards would be educational and demonstration models, visited by people of all ages.  I plan to involve a variety of Permaculture advisors and people in the designs, and your ideas would be very welcome.  While water access would be ideal, I'd also like to try developing some of the orchards "dryland", relying only on rain and ground water. It's OK if some of the land as been abused. Part of the Permaculture spirit is to help regenerate injured land, and leave the truly native lands alone.  Initially I'd prefer to focus on urban and suburban areas in Santa Barbara and Goleta. But I'd welcome hearing about land in other locations.  While I anticipate things will start very slow, I also have some hope that some momentum could build, and more people would get involved.  It's mainly a labor of love to start, but I realize that it will have to pay it's way in order to grow. I'm willing to invest some of my time and money to give it a try, and pay you a reasonable lease payment along the way.

Here's a little info about my background and interests:

I'd welcome a chance to discuss your land and wishes and brainstorm possible ways we could help each other.


TBD  - Add in other mkh lists of ideas.


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