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I offer free brainstorming, from a Permaculture perspective, related to food production, water catchment, energy use, saving the farm(s), real estate development, community connections, disaster preparedness, sustainability, turning problems into opportunities, long-term visions, recommendations to other designers and experts, etc.  I offer this to individuals, families, communities, organizations, boards, governments, and professional design teams.  I'm happy to help on long-distance projects.  I offer it free because I want to learn more, and hopefully connect with some super-cool sustainability projects.  Someday I hope to be able to do it full-time.

I'm much more of a generalist than an expert in any of these areas. If you like to hear many options and perspectives, I can probably help. If you like to hear one authoritative answer, I can't help.  I will most likely recommend that you get many more opinions from more knowledgeable Permaculture designers and topic-specific experts, before deciding on a final design. 

If I fail to convince you to use other experts, I can probably also help in the details, including site assessments, design alternatives, proposal writing, financial projections, information gathering, etc.

Related Background:
I'm a Permaculture designer in training. I started experimenting in food production and appropriate technology in the late 1970s. Early influences included Buckminster Fuller, Bill Mollison (Permaculture 1 and 2), Masanobu Fukuoka, J. Russell Smith (Tree Crops),  James Sholto Douglas (Forest Farming), John Jeavons, Victor Papanek (Design for the Real World), David Wright (Passive Solar architeture), Michael Corbett (Village Homes), and many more. I attended the Permaculture Design Certification Course in January 2010 on Maui, lead by Penny Livingston-Stark, John Valenzuela, M. Kalani Souza, Brock Dolman.  My main day job is software development. (SourceCell) B.S Physics and B.A. Mathematics/Economics University of California, Santa Barbara.

Services I offer, short of being an expert in any one area

Permaculture Resume: http://www.kelleyharris.com/resume/permacultureResume.html
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